Where to Stay in Singapore? Choose the Right Area for your Singapore Holiday

If you find yourself heading off on an adventure to Singapore for any number of reasons from luxury to leisure, you are most certainly going to want to be able to determine the best place that you will want to stay at during your visit. While the task to find the perfect lodging and area location may seem a bit daunting and overwhelming, with a little bit of research you can find the perfect place with ease! Here, we have comprised some of the top places that you may want to consider staying at in Singapore.

Sentosa Island

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Sentosa is one of the most sought after areas to visit in all of Singapore. Whether you are seeking to bring your family, are visiting on your honeymoon, or are simply just exploring Singapore on your own; you can find all of the beauty and luxury that Sentosa has to offer those who seek to explore it. If you opt to stay on Sentosa and are bringing the family, don’t miss the chance to stay at Resorts World so that you and the entire family can take advantage of hitting Universal Studios with admission to the resort! On Sentosa, you can even enjoy the Singapore Cable Car, museums, and tons of natural and historical sights. If you are bringing your family along, you will most certainly not want to miss the chance to stay on Sentosa!

Little India, Lavender Street and Arab Street

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Little India, Lavender Street and Arab Street actually have some of the finest and most cost effective areas to lodge in all of Singapore. The area is rich and vibrant in cultural history and with its location just along the Singapore river you can be sure to find yourself immersed in the beauty and splendor of all that is Singapore.  Not to mention the fact that the region is super central to the core of the city, which makes it incredibly nice if you are unfamiliar with the region or even have a lot of sightseeing that you have on your agenda. Staying pretty much anywhere in this region will easily set you up with the rest of the town.

Boat Quay and Chinatown

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In the area of Boat Quay and Chinatown you can be sure to be in the midst of all of the shopping, dining and entertainment that you could possibly seek from an area to stay in. Located near Clarke Quay (which is home to some of the finest shopping in all of Singapore), Boat Quay is a great spot to take in a bit more of the natural, historical settings of Singapore. Both Boat Quay and Chinatown are not only awesome places to see and shop at, but the nightlife here is simply unmatched!

The Colonial District

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One of the finest things about staying in the Colonial District is the fact that there is always a considerable amount of things to do and experience in the area. Located right on the Singapore River, the Colonial District is home to the historical Parliament Houses, museums, Cavenagh Bridge, and St. Andrew’s Cathedral. Regardless of what it is that you are seeking to indulge in in Singapore, you can be sure to be able to find it if you opt to stay in the Colonial District. The area is home to some of the most exquisite architecture and cultural beauty in the entire city which makes it an ever-popular destination for those who are looking to simply get away and immerse themselves in the rich cultural beauty of Singapore.

Orchard Road

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Orchard Road is one of the most popular areas to stay in all of Singapore. Not only is the area absolutely beautiful and full of a wide array of places to stay at, but it is also home to some of the best shopping and sightseeing in all of Singapore, particularly if you love a little bit of natural scenery combined with the bustle of city life! The nightlife here is incredible and there is no shortage of things to see and enjoy!

Marina Bay Sands

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Marina Bay Sands is one of the most notably popular areas to stay in all of Singapore. It is home to some of the best shopping and is easily one of finest places to stay in the area as well. Marina Bay Sands is basically an island in itself in Singapore. There are pools, shopping, bars and restaurants galore, if you had to pick a place to stay during your travels to Singapore and knew that you couldn’t leave during your trip, Marina Bay Sands would be the spot that you would want to make your travel destination. There is most certainly no shortage of fun and leisurely activities that you can take advantage of at the Marina Bay Sands.

Civic District

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If you are a fan favorite of the downtown life, then the Civic District is precisely where you need to be! The Civic District is the perfect area if you are not a fan of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city life and are more comfortable where you can find all the sights, sounds and lights of the city around you! It brings you comfort; and there is certainly nothing wrong with that, it that is the case for you, then the Civic District is where it is at!

Regardless of where exactly you make your selection to stay at in Singapore, you can be sure to find yourself immersed in the bountiful beauty and rich culture that Singapore has to offer to those who visit. Singapore is filled with wondrous history and awe-inspiring, limitless activities that are perfect for you or any member who may be traveling with you!

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