Unbreached beaches of Goa

The chaste, ignored beaches of Goa, though less in number, are beaches that have not yet been revealed to the tourists and are impressively beautiful, calm and peaceful. Just a handful of tourists and mostly locals visit these beaches. We have carefully selected the following list of beaches by visiting each and every one of them and picking only the best.

At these beaches one will find no hawkers to harass tourists into purchasing things that they don’t really want or will ever need. Nor will one find those Indian tipsy tourists who gawk at western women sunbathing. The only drawback if any is that these beaches are a little far off from the usual famous beaches that tourists visit. Also, it is occasionally hard to find places to dine at these undiscovered beaches of Goa. So when visiting these beaches, always remember to carry some food and water of your own. Here are some of those secluded and peaceful beaches that you ought to visit:

Grandmothers Hole Beach

Grandmothers Hole beach is a small beautiful beach that is located at Vasco – Sada Headland area. It lies 3 kilometers away from the city of Vasco. The beach is crescent shaped and gets its name from a small cave that is located close to the beach.

Lovers Beach

Lover’s beach is a clean stretch of beach that lies to the north of Betalbatim beach. The beach lies 6 kilometers from Margao city and is an extension of Betalbatim beach. Often couples can be seen on the beach spending a romantic evening.

Cola Beach

Cola beach is a crescent shaped beautiful beach located to the north of Agonda beach. The beach is located at a distance of 33 kilometers from Margao. A mud road from the main road leads to the beach followed by a flight of stairs down to the beach.

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly beach is a tiny beach cove that lies just to the north of Palolem beach at a distance of about 37 kilometers from Margao. There is no access to the beach by road since the area is heavily forested. One can take a 2 hour trek through the forest.


Ashvem Beach is located in Pernem, in the north of Goa. It is a little rocky isolated beach and one can see vast stretches of sand until one encounters a smattering of beach shacks made of coconut palms. The beach is also the nesting place of the Olive Ridley turtle. Accommodation is in the form of the beach huts; however, there are a few up-market hotels and resorts coming up.


Hollant beach is in Vasco and is two kilometres from Bogmalo beach. It is known to be the only beach from where one can view the sunrise. A rocky cove at the foot of with a small stretch of sand and a lot of coconut trees, Hollant is quiet and devoid of water currents and crowds. It was used as a harbour by the Arabs and the Portuguese had a customs clearing post here. There are no hotels close to the beach.




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