The Ultimate Dubai Nightlife Guide

There is perhaps no other city in the world with the decadent charm and exquisite wonder of Dubai. (Also find out: The Best Time to Visit Dubai). As the sun sets on the ‘city of gold’, the warm desert night takes over the clear bright sky and the dazzling city lights of Dubai conspire to compete with the stars themselves. Nightlife in Dubai continues to get better and outdo itself. Partying has been rightly described as a way of life in Dubai. But whether you like to party all night long, splurge in some of the grandest shopping districts in the world or do something even more exciting like spend the night in a desert caravan or go deep sea diving, Dubai has got you and all your nighttime whims covered. Dusk to dawn revelry has found its home in Dubai. Here are some of the things that you can do to spend the night of your life in Dubai.

Dubai’s Bars, Lounges & Nightclubs

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Many of the popular and happening hotspots are located in Downtown Dubai. As slick and chic as the bars and clubs of Downtown Dubai and Sheikh Zayed Road may be, you can also look for an equally intriguing nightlife scene happening just over the Dubai Creek in Deira. From super fashionable Irish bars to Russian cabaret and Beirut-style clubbing under the moonlight, this is a city that just doesn’t know how to slow down. A growing number of people head regularly to Dubai to try out the eclectic range of restaurants, bars, clubs and live music spots. (Also Read: Best Street Food to try in Dubai). Deira’s diverse nightlife is a good example of Dubai’s multi-cultural heritage. Dare to go over the river to find a thriving nightlife scene for every mood and every culture.
Visiting rooftop bars and lounges is one of the most common things to do when you enter a big city. And there isn’t a more satisfying place to witness the ‘scraperscape’ than in Dubai. Dubai offers some of the most amazing views of high-rise, towering skyscrapers, especially along Sheikh Zayed Road. From sundowners to late-night partying, Dubai is home to some of the best rooftop venues. There are plenty of options when it comes to enjoying nibbles and beverages while taking in panoramic views of Dubai. Take advantage of the opportunities for you to witness the city skyline from a fabulous rooftop lounge. The finest bars have a killer view, great food and an excellent drinks selection. Being the most progressive and liberal Emirate in the Arab world, there is no dearth of nightclubs in Dubai – naturally. Generally, every three and five star hotel has a nightclub attached to its premises. Beach clubs are a recent but pretty massive allure in Dubai! Alcohol is easily available at venues, but you are strictly not permitted to drink in public places. Liquor is also not available in retail shops and during religious holidays. Be warned that drunk driving and other kinds of intoxicated behaviour in public could land you in jail! 

If you stay within the rules, however, there is a lot of dawn to dusk fun to be had in Dubai. It has become a favourite destination for many A-list DJs and musicians. Some of the hottest clubs in Dubai are WHITE Dubai and Cirque le Soir. 


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Winner of TimeOut Dubai’s best club for three years in a row, WHITE Dubai is arguably the biggest and most decadent nightclub in the city. Located on the top of the Meydan Racecourse Grandstand, WHITE Dubai offers a spectacular view of the glittering Dubai sea face – add to that an ultramodern party experience complete with dazzling pyrotechnics, an LED rig that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie set, and a sound system that is appreciated by the best DJs in the world. WHITE Dubai is open only during the winter months in Dubai.

Cirque le Soir

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This circus themed nightclub located at the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai opens up to a carnivalesque world that is a mix of glamour and fantasy. Cirque le Soir is known for its outrageously wild theme shows that can sometimes border the freaky – you always have to be ready for surprises! Also do not miss the gold bathroom complete with a disco ball!

Dubai Dinner Cruise

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If you want to spend your night away from the jarring music of the dazzling nightspots, a great option is to go for a quiet, private dinner cruise off the Dubai marina. There are variety of cruises for you to choose from, ranging from the more family friendly galas to the private date kinds. Either way, it is a soothing experience as your cruise-ship laps up the warm waters reflecting the extraordinary Dubai lights. Most cruises come with all inclusive meals and drinks, on board DJs and other kinds of local late night entertainment. The cruise takes around two hours to traverse the creek, and it is better to book in advance since they are in big demand among locals and tourists alike. Go for a traditional Emirati sailboat or a Dhow, and enjoy the cruise experience, royalty style.  

Desert Night Safari

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There are few things more romantic than a warm, balmy Arabian night, as the moon cools the soft desert sand and thousands of stars come out in the clear sky. The sheer ambiance of a night in the desert is powerful enough to become an unforgettable experience. After a day well spent dune bashing in the desert, the best thing to do is to return to the oasis and devour the sizzling barbeque, while you kick your feet up and take in a scintillating belly dance and fire dance performance – all the while surrounded by sleepy camels. Can you imagine a more ideal backdrop for any kind of intimate get-together? One of the best places to go for a night safari is Liwa Desert. Usually, pickups from the city start at around 2.30 pm, and you are dropped back by around 8.30 the next morning. (Also read: Best Amusement and Theme Parks in Dubai)

Dubai Astronomy Group

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Traditionally, deserts have been the best places for stargazing, since they are generally endowed with cloudless skies and are not hampered by light pollution. The great Arabian scholars spent their lifetimes studying the skies in search of the mathematical meaning of beauty. This tradition is still kept alive by passionate researchers in Dubai. The stargazing and astronomy tours in Dubai are another way of spending your night doing something enchanting and unexpected. Trained guides will take you to the perfect stargazing spots in the desert, where you will be able to observe the celestial beauty in all its splendour through various telescopes.

The Buzzing Night Markets of Dubai

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The unofficial shopping capital of the world, there isn’t a luxury that you can’t buy in Dubai. An exciting confluence of traditional and modern, from age old handcrafted leather and gold goods to the most contemporary electronics, everything is within reach in Dubai. During the weekends, most shops, malls and market streets in Dubai are open until midnight, which means that shopping under the stars becomes an experience unique to Dubai. The best places to spend your time shopping in Dubai are Dubai Shopping Mall, the Mall of Emirates, Wafi Mall, Deira Gold Souk, and and all along Al Fahidi Street.

Night Golf

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One of the most unique experiences you might have in Dubai is playing golf under the stars. Clubs such as Emirates Golf Club and Faldo Golf Club offer championship-style 18-hole golf courses that are open all the way till midnight. These spectacularly lit golf courses are a treat to play on even during the day, and the experience is amplified when your teeing up under the stars surrounded by the dazzling nightlights of Dubai.

Deep Sea Diving

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Deep sea diving at night time. Need we say more? (Also read: The Best Beaches in Dubai)
The underwater world comes alive at night, when many of the exotic fishes and other nocturnal creatures that hide during the sunlight come out to play. Catch them in their natural habitat at Al Boom diving center and Fujairah. With the help of non-intrusive night lights and dive torches, a whole new spectacular underwater world appears before your eyes. It is important to note that while some dive centers provide training for light handling, entering and exiting and navigating in the dark, at least six months of prior experience and certification might be required for you to embark upon a night diving tour. But it is hella worth it! 

Whether it is to party or to have an out-of-this-world experience, the beautiful city of Dubai comes alive during the night. Plan your trip to Dubai according to the best time to visit for all the things you want to do.
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