The TripFactory Way

Trip Factory is the leading holiday store online for consumers, where they can buy their holidays the way they want, directly from hotels, holiday players and airlines. Trip Factory believes that users should have the most diverse choices and best prices with the best discovery tools so they can find and book the right holiday easily. We are the world’s first travel platform, where the choicest travel businesses come and sell products which are further accessed. Not just that, suppliers such as airlines and hotels sell directly to you.

Not too long ago travelers dragged along volumes of heavy guidebooks and waited days to get their hands on a soiled copy of the International Herald Tribune just to see what was going on in the world both of course delivered dated old news! Now of course, we have the ubiquitous internet that we take for granted and over 17,000 smartphone travel apps, which have made travelers more informed and confident than ever. Trip Factory doesn’t want to compete with these statistics, we own the holiday business. We make people imagine and we deliver, we fuel your imagination and help you realize your dreams. Trip Factory allows users with easy-to-browse unique and vetted ideas as you plan your own trip. The tour packages offered by the travel agents on our site are good for getting an insider peek at famous cities, and are a great way to explore a city on a shoestring budget. Trip Factory also provides you with the finest travel companies that have the ability to share their in-depth knowledge, content, travel experiences, and innovations and provide them with a global distribution where they can collaboratively participate with other travel providers like airlines, hotels, tourism boards, wholesalers to deliver the best consumer experiences. It’s the fastest way to bring economic benefits to themselves. We pride in making sure everyone wins.

Trip Factory realizes that travelers need information when planning their adventures or are in the thick of a tricky misadventure that they need help getting out of. We provide a wholesome and relieving experience that can often be nerve wrecking.  With the passion that drives us to make our customer holidays, most memorable we do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Trip Factory designs your holiday in a way that keeps you craving for more such holiday experiences henceforth.


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