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The Best Time to Visit Dubai

Dubai is a city like no other.
With its gleaming sand dunes, ancient souks, bedazzling architecture, spectacular skylines and palm shaped islands, the desert city and shopping haven paints quite a picture.
Dubai is a massively attractive holiday destination today. With something for everyone, it is the most popular emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Home to the world’s biggest malls and the tallest building, Dubai is a land of superlatives – with the best and biggest of everything. No exaggeration there!
Dubai’s proudly showcases its unique Middle Eastern charm combined with world class comforts, ultramodern sights and a dizzying array of activities for a fun filled holiday.
What is the best time to visit sweltering Dubai for the best Emirati experiences?

Winter is peak tourist season, so the rates (hotel and airfare) are generally higher. 

The best time for the best hotel rates:
During scorching summertime in Dubai, the hotels in Dubai offer special ‘shopaholic’ packages to attract more guests. Accommodation rates tend to be their lowest at this time. It’s way too hot to be out and about for long. Many hotels attract visitors by offering excellent deals and discounts (Also read: Best Luxury Hotels in Dubai).

Planning your Dubai holiday according to travel seasons:

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Dubai in November through April

November through April marks the time that sees the most number of tourists in Dubai. Book your hotel well in advance if you plan to visit Dubai between December and March, when it is peak season. Hello there, sunny beach weather! The temperature during this season ranges from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.
The winter months of Dubai are considered the best season to visit and explore the tourist attractions at this emirate. It is also when many of the popular events and festivals are held. Dubai has only ever known hot and hotter days, but the city actually enjoys beautiful weather during this time – cool evenings, a refreshing breeze, and maybe an occasional rain! The ideal conditions qualify for peak season. Be prepared to spend more.
This is a great time because you can take a leisurely stroll around, hit Downtown Dubai and take the time to fully enjoy the best of Dubai and its many outdoor activities – like lounging on the beach or setting out on a private night-time safari with your special someone. 30 degrees Celsius in April indicates the onset of a hot summer in May.

Dubai Summers

Summers in Dubai are low season time – because they’re really hot summers! Come June, and it begins to feel rather sultry because of the high levels of humidity. With temperatures soaring steadily up to the high 40s, you can expect positively scorching heat in July and August. Low rates and special deals are everywhere at this time, and you’ll find you’re rushing between air-conditioned shopping malls to escape the heat. Don’t even think about laying out on a beach! Though you will probably be able to enjoy a late afternoon picnic on the beach in September.
You may want to pass up a Dubai vacation during Ramadan, when the freedom to really explore and discover this unique cosmopolitan destination is seriously compromised.  Eating, drinking and smoking in public is strictly banned during daylight hours. Most restaurants and cafes stay closed in the day (Read: 6 Must-visit Indian Restaurants in Dubai). The religious festival of Ramadan usually takes place for 30 days in the summer. The exact dates are different every year – it was from May 27 to June 25 in 2017. The evening atmosphere is subdued and staying out until wee morning hours isn’t allowed either. Although this is not the best time to party, hotels tend to offer great discounts to attract tourists. The rates drop down by 70% during this time. Straight after Ramadan, however, is the Eid al-Fitr festival. This is when Dubai comes back to life and hotel accommodation rates rise dramatically.

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Let’s take a minute to look at the reasons people like to visit Dubai and the things your Dubai itinerary should include:

Shopping in Dubai

Shopping in Dubai is the ultimate experience. With some 96 malls and many atmospheric bazaars and souks across the city, Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. The city truly comes alive in the month of January during the Dubai Shopping Festival. Over a month long shopping extravaganza, visitors enjoy good discounts (as much as up to 75 percent) and drastically marked down rates – even at places that offer good rates anyway, such as at Outlet Mall. Mid-July is the next best time for shopping. At Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS), retailers offer special promotions and discounts for 45 days. You can also find many options for souvenirs to bring back for your loved ones. (Also read: Your Ultimate Guide to Gold Shopping in Dubai). 

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Dubai Sightseeing:

If you wish to avoid the long queues of Dubai Shopping Festival, the best time for sightseeing in Dubai is the small window from mid-November to early December. This is when there are fewer crowds and all the elements work for you – the ideal combination travellers seek out. The first half of March is promising for sightseeing as well, minus the pleasant weather. Some of the ultimate Dubai experiences such as Desert Safari Dubai, camping under a starry sky and camel riding are best enjoyed in the winter months. A desert safari is an unmissable, unparalleled experience in Dubai. You can opt for a comprehensive tour that comes with 4×4 dune bashing, camel rides and a delicious barbecue dinner. Dubai is also the only place for miles around to offer indoor skiing in the middle of a desert! Also read: The Best Street Food to try in Dubai

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Dubai Nightlife and Entertainment

By October, families and couples begin to enjoy al fresco dining in Dubai, when temperatures hover around a pleasant enough 29°C. A romantic dinner on a Dhow cruise through Marina is definitely a one of a kind experience. It is the perfect setting – a romantic dinner with beautiful panoramic views of the starry skies of Dubai. Architectural wonders like Burj Al Arab, Hotel Atlantis, and Palm Jumeirah dot this part of the Gulf shoreline. The desert city’s night-time attractions are a major allure for visitors. Dubai’s vibrant nightlife isn’t limited to night clubs. For a private beach club experience and overnight desert camping, it is best to visit Dubai in the cooler months. (Also read: Best Amusement and Theme Parks in Dubai).

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Burj Khalifa

Dubai’s skyscraper filled skyline is dominated by 830 mts tall Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world. The city’s most popular attraction has broken other impressive records as well. Take the world’s fastest elevator to the 148th floor observation deck of Burj Khalifa, the highest viewing platform in the world, for a 360-degree view of glittering Dubai. Peak season in Dubai sees very long lines, even if you purchase your tickets weeks in advance. If you wish to avoid this, visit Burj Khalifa during the summer. (Also check: Best Hotels to stay near Burj Khalifa in Dubai)

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Beaches of Dubai:

Be not afraid to soak up the sun in the desert city! A dip in the waters feels magical in March or April, when the temperature hovers around a warm 25 to 28 degree Celsius. A Jumeriah beach picnic is everyone’s favourite! Can you imagine a more idyllic setting than seven kilometres of white sandy beach along the Arabian Gulf’s pristine waters? What an ideal way to relax and unwind – specially when you get to go snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing and almost any other preferred water sports activity!
The stifling heat makes July and August quite possibly the worst time to hit the beach, however. It starts to feel pretty severe at this time in Dubai.

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Seasonal Events in Dubai:

Another reason to visit Dubai in the months from November to April is because of its seasonal experiences.
November – Dubai Airshow
December – World Future Sports Games, UAE National Day
January – Dubai Shopping Festival
February and March: Dubai International Boat Show, Dubai Desert Classic – a popular Golfing event with the world’s leading swingers, Dubai Tennis Championships (where you may get to see Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova live in action!)
March to April – FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup – incredibly popular with lovers of fast cars!

Some of the most popular seasonal activities in Dubai are polo, camel racing, ballooning and falconry. (Also read: Unique Offbeat Places in Dubai)

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