The Best Beaches in Dubai

Palm trees, soft white sand and bright blue waters – the Dubai seascape is so enchanting you might end up almost missing all the other stuff the city has to offer. While Dubai has an enviable coastline as is, the massive development in the past few decades has seen the rise of myriad man-made islands and beaches made out of reclaimed land. Perhaps the most famous is Palm Jumeirah – the iconic palm shaped archipelago that can be seen from space. Each prong of the palm tree is a new island to discover! There is also the massively ambitious World Islands Development – a project that is building an island themed around a unique country in the world. All the beaches in Dubai are extremely well maintained and pristine, and counted among the best things to do in Dubai. While many are deemed as private properties and require you to buy a day pass or become the establishment’s guest to access them, others are completely open to the public, free of charge. Every beach in Dubai has a unique mood, and you can plan a vacation just around exploring each and everyone of them. Here are our picks for some of the best beaches in Dubai:
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Jumeirah Beach

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Jumeirah Beach is perhaps the headliner beach of Dubai, located at its iconic waterfront with structures such as the magnificent Burj Al Arab flanking it on the side. But that is not the only claim to fame for the Jumeirah beach. It is most known for its pristine white sand that is so soft that your feet sink right in. A part of the beach is privately owned by the Jumeirah resorts and hotels, while a large portion is open to public. On the public portion, you will find a host of cafes, barbeques and well maintained children’s parks. Ideal for a family afternoon in the sun and sand, be sure to wait around and see the white sands become golden in the beautiful Dubai sunset.
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Kite Beach

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One of the most charming beaches in Dubai also has the most interesting USP. The kite beach is named after the kite surfing that takes place over here throughout the year. Kite surfing is essentially a watersport in which you harness the power of the wind using a kite to propel your surfboard over waves. It is an amazing site to see hundreds of colorful kites flying over the blue sky, all of them pulling surfboarders over the water. Apart from kite surfing, there are many other water sports that you can try out on the Kite beach like paddle boarding, kayaking and wind surfing. It is a perfect place for an adventure filled family day out.

Mercato Beach

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You won’t find a better example of a perfect urban beach other than Mercato. Located around one of the busiest and most vibrant districts of Dubai, the Mercato beach has assimilated the city life into its sandy shores. Here you will find a scenic jogging track, sumptuous food trucks and cafes and perhaps most interestingly, a beachside public library that allows you to spend a beach day with your favourite books. You can also hop in and out of the Mercato Mall right next door and satisfy your shopping urge whenever you wish in between dips into the sea.  

Ghantoot Beach

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The private beach managed by Golden Tulip hotel is one of the best kept beaches in Dubai. Nestled amongst shady palm trees, this white sandy beach invites you to dip your toes in the warm sea waters as the soft waves lap up on your feet. The beach has plenty of volleyball nets and an incredible number of options when it comes to dining and drinks, with cafes, bars and bistros. There is also a water sports club where you can indulge in activities like waterskiing, banana boating and wakeboaring among others. The public access fee to the beach is AED 30.

Riva Beach Club

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Located on the iconic Palm Jumeirah island, this man-made beach is a must-go if you want the last word on style and luxury in the sun and sand of Dubai. Managed by Riva Beach Resort, this 300 meter stretch of private pristine sand offers stunning views of the Dubai skyline along with the Burj Al Arab, while the resort staff pampers you to no end. With a highly acclaimed award winning restaurant, bars and temperature controlled pools right at the beachfront, Riva beach is our ideal suggestion for a romantic getaway date with your partner. Annual memberships and day passes are available. The day pass is inclusive of lunch at the restaurant and costs around AED 200.
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Black Palace Beach

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Black Palace beach is Dubai’s well kept secret. Hidden between the royal fortresses of Al Sufouh, the aptly named Black Palace beach is easy to miss, but once you get there, you are transported to an era that is long lost in its beauty and splendour. Flanked by the royal palace of Al Sufouh, you also get magnificent views of the Burj Al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah from here. Beach volleyball is the name of the game at Black Palace beach, but a long walk into the sunset with someone special is something that we recommend doing.

JBR Beach

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JBR stands for Jumeirah Beach Residence, and this iconic neighbourhood also boasts one of the most stunning beaches in the city. The long coastline of the JBR beach is flanked by the world famous Dubai skyline that is home to some of the most well known hotels, restaurants and boutiques in the world. Nestled in the lap of the Dubai Marina, JBR beach is perfect for an early morning run or a mid day swim.

Royal Island Beach Club

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One of the most exclusive beaches in Dubai is the Royal Island beach. Owned and managed by Dubai’s iconic World Islands development, the Royal Island beach was its first development to be open to the public. The man-made island offers a 360 degree view of the Dubai skyline while offering you all the comforts imaginable right at the water’s edge. The beach is equipped for a host of watersports and other activities, but what takes the cake is the much sought after meal at the Toro Blanco restaurant. A day pass for the Royal Island beach costs AED 250.

There is plenty of sun and sand for everybody in Dubai, and there is no better way to beat the heat than to have fun in the sea. When you are done spending your fun day at the beach, head over to the other amazing attractions that Dubai has to offer.
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