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Best Luxury Hotels In Dubai

Dubai is the last word when it comes to worldly comforts, luxuries and ease of life. The ‘City of Gold’ is a Disneyland of decadent pleasures, if you can afford them. With some of the most exuberant and bespoke places to stay (Also read: 9 Best Places to Stay in Dubai) that offer unimaginable comforts, Dubai is home to the most iconic structures in the world, from the staggering palm shaped man-made island of Jumeirah to the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab. Your experience of Dubai can be truly spectacular. Handpicked by us, here are some of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai for a taste of real extravagance:
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Burj Al Arab

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Perhaps the most iconic building in the modern world, the sail shaped facade of the Burj Al Arab is a defining hallmark of the Dubai skyline. It is a fitting symbol for the richest Emirate – the glass and steel sail dazzling in the desert sun, the sail that has been the very motor of Dubai’s wealth through its long seafaring history. The Burj Al Arab has been repeatedly voted the world’s most luxurious hotel, with standards of hospitality that are unmatched anywhere else in the world. From your very own chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce, a private beach and a helipad on one of the world’s tallest buildings, the Burj Al Arab is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The hotel offers suite-only accommodation which is especially meant to cater to showbiz celebrities and other moneyed elites. This means that you get complete privacy with discreet check-ins, check-outs and during the stay at the hotel. You also get the services of a personal butler that can be your man Friday during your time at the Burj Al Arab. The hotel is also home to some of the finest dining spots in the city – 9 in-house restaurants including the acclaimed Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara. Not to mention the five luxury swimming pools within the premises.
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Location: Jumeirah Street, Dubai

Cost: AED 8400 to AED 22000 per night

Kempinski Mall of the Emirates

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Located on the iconic Sheikh Zayed Road, the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates Hotel shows visitors a unique experience of living in Dubai. For one, it is like having your own private mall, and one of the world’s biggest ones at that, with 700 high end luxury brands where you can shop your heart out. (Also read: Ultimate Guide to Gold Shopping in Dubai). Secondly, the hotel is also connected to Ski Dubai – the crazy indoor ski resort that with a 22,500 square meter large indoor ski area, which could perhaps have been materialized only in the Emirati imagination. It also features an 85 meters high indoor snow mountain with five slopes of varying steepness – would you ever think that you could do that in the Middle Eastern deserts? The five star experience of the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates doesn’t just end at giving you all-access to the mall and the ski slopes. Its world renowned hospitality includes 393 rooms and suites and 20 Aspen Chalets that overlook Ski Dubai. If romance is synonymous with luxury, this hotel is where you need to stay with your soulmate! With fine dining restaurants like the Olea, Salero and one of the best bars in Dubai, the Noir, Kempinski Mall of the Emirates is a class apart.

Location: Mall of the Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Cost: AED 600 to AED 2200 per night

Park Hyatt Dubai

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Located right next to the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, the Dubai establishment of the Park Hyatt chain of hotels spells luxury. The 225 rooms and suites here open up to stunning views of the seaside, each finely designed to provide utmost comfort and decadence. Rooms are available in various price brackets, from the Standard and Deluxe rooms to the Executive, Presidential and the spectacular Royal suite. Some of the complementary activities that you can enjoy at the Park Hyatt Dubai are golfing, a ton of water activities like jet skiing, yachting and even skydiving. Also do not miss the legendary Moroccan style spa at the Park Hyatt.

Location: Baniyas Road, Dubai Creek Club Street

Cost: AED 2100 to AED 17400 per night

The Palace Downtown

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A literal palace built on the edge of a vast manmade lake, The Palace Downtown has to be on our list of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai. The whole establishment is geared towards making their guests feel like Emirs once they set foot on the premises. This means impeccably designed private suites, personal concierges that are always at your beck and call and comfort like you’ve never experienced it before. The Palace Downtown is located at the edge of the Burj Khalifa lake, with stunning views of the tallest building in the world. It is also a five minute walk from the Dubai Mall, where you can quench your shopping thirst in style. The 242 rooms and 81 suites are housed in traditional Middle Eastern architecture and decor. The hotel also houses seven unique fine dining restaurants and a plethora of spas that provide you with all the rejuvenation you need.

Location: Adjacent to the Burj Khalifa Lake, Dubai

Cost: AED 1299 to AED 18000 per night

Jumeirah Al Qasr

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The name literally translates to The Palace, and sure enough, the hotel is designed to be the Sheikh’s personal summer palace. While the premises are now open for guests to lodge and board, the prim attention to detail and the exquisite hospitality has not changed a bit. As a part of the great resort city of Madinat Jumeirah, the Al Qasr offers everything from a private beach, boutique shop-till-you-drop souks, world class restaurants and the famed Talise Spa and health club.

Location: Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai

Cost: AED 2200 to AEC 17000 per night

One&Only The Palm

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With an enviable sea facing location perched on top of the iconic palm shaped man made island of Dubai, One&Only The Palm is endowed with a stunning private beach and expansive views of the Dubai skyline. With a choice of accommodation ranging from the veritable manor house, beachfront villas and the palm beach mansions, the resort is endowed with elegant Moorish and Andalusian architecture. The crown jewel of the resort though is the decadent cuisine curated by three starred Michelin chef Yannick Alleno.
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Location: West Crescent, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Cost: starting from AED 1912 per night

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