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A Comprehensive Guide to Shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a Shoppers Paradise

Hong Kong is one of the busiest cities in the world and a shopping haven for tourists, with all kinds of ware on offer! Hong Kong has been an important trade port in history and has long shown us how East came to meet West, and vice versa, of course. Today, metropolitan Hong Kong is one of the greatest shopping districts in the world. Here, you will find everything from colourful flea markets that sell souvenirs and traditional trinkets to the most high end and exclusive outlets that sell luxury items. This diversity makes shopping in Hong Kong an absolute delight.

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An added advantage is that most of the goods you will find in Hong Kong are tax free and therefore priced relatively low. In the annual calendar of the region, there are two major shopping seasons when prices are slashed and discounts are offered. This is why Hong Kong is one of the favourite shopping destinations of many tourists from across the world.

What to Buy in Hong Kong

The sheer diversity of things that you can buy in Hong Kong is mind blowing. Here you will find everything from shopping malls that carry the most exclusive and designer brands to specialized shopping streets that are known for particular goods. The top three items that you should make your agenda to buy from Hong Kong are clothes, shoes, electronics and cosmetics. Other alluring items that you will find only in Hong Kong include accessories like handbags, watches, souvenirs, handicrafts from the neighbouring islands and jewelry.

Best Shopping Malls in Hong Kong:

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  • Landmark, Hong Kong Island: The iconic Landmark shopping mall is located on the main island of Hong Kong. It is the mecca if you are looking for the most prestigious brands of clothes, watches, accessories and electronics from all over the world. It also houses fabulous restaurants, bars and clubs.
  • Times Square, Hong Kong Island: Times Square specializes in housing high street to luxury shopping brands from Europe, America and Japan.
  • Harbour City, Kowloon: Harbour City is the largest shopping mall in Hong Kong and is home to some of the most famous shopping and dining outlets in the region.

Best Street Markets:

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  • Ladies’ Market, Kowloon: This one kilometer stretch in Kowloon is bustling with roadside shops that sell bargain clothes, accessories, home furnishings and other items at competitive prices. Be sure to bargain your best when you visit here. 
  • Temple Street Night Market, Kowloon: Located near Tin Hau temple, Temple Street Night Market comes alive with the setting of the sun. Here you will find some of the traditional Chinese wares like tea, handicrafts, silks, etc. as well as some of the best street food in Hong Kong.
  • Stanley Market, Hong Kong Island: Located in the tiny village of Stanley in the south coast of Hong Kong, Stanley Market is a quintessential local market which will surprise you the more you explore it. Its proximity to the sea coast makes it an ideal location for a breezy shopping spree.

Specialized Markets:

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  • Jade Market: The delicate green shades of jade have been adorning Chinese art and artefacts for centuries. The Jade street market in Kowloon is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the hues of jade. It is home to a variety of ornaments, souvenirs and other items made from this precious and delightful mineral.
  • Apliu Street: Apliu Street is the place to be if you are looking for anything electronics. Here you will find both new and used electronic items from laptops, cameras, mobile phones and tablets among other accessories at bargain prices.
  • Bird Market: Imagine a place that only sells a wide variety of pet birds – the innumerable exotic species of birds for sale at the bird market will surely awe you. You don’t have to buy anything, but the place is worth a visit just to experience the atmosphere.

Tips for Shopping in Hong Kong

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  1. Know how and when to bargain while shopping. While it is looked down upon in most shopping malls, do not be afraid to be firm in the street markets.
  2. Time your shopping trips with one of the two sale seasons in Hong Kong. The winter sale season takes place during Christmas and Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, while the summer sale takes place between July and September. The Spring festival is also a good time to explore the shopping scene in Hong Kong.
  3. Look for the ‘excellence’ sign by the Hong Kong tourism board in the shops that you are interested in. These shops are recommended for their good quality and service.
  4. Keep your shopping receipt and credit card receipt safely until you leave the country. You might need it during customs.
  5. You can reach out to the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Quality Tourism Service on the number 28062823 in case you need help or assistance.

Shopping in Hong Kong is a wonderful experience!
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