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6 Must-Visit Indian Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai has a special relationship with India. An important port in the Persian gulf, Dubai has naturally seen trade with India for centuries. What this has resulted in is a glorious mix of cultures of two great civilizations. Even today, one can see a sizeable Indian population that has made Dubai its home. It is […]

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10 Best Things to Buy in Dubai

If you are planning a trip to Dubai, whether for business or pleasure, you are more than likely going to find yourself bringing home souvenirs for friends, family, and even yourself! When you arrive in Dubai, you may feel a bit overwhelmed as to the limitless shopping optionsĀ  that are available in the city. Be […]

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The Best Time to Visit Dubai

Dubai is a city like no other. With its gleaming sand dunes, ancient souks, bedazzling architecture, spectacular skylines and palm shaped islands, the desert city and shopping haven paints quite a picture. Dubai is a massively attractive holiday destination today. With something for everyone, it is the most popular emirate in the United Arab Emirates. […]

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