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Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

Visiting Hong Kong

The region of Hong Kong in China is a wonderful city full of an incredible history and a magnificent skyline to fall for. 

One of the most diverse, cosmopolitan regions in the world, Hong Kong has over 7.4 million permanent residents coming in from all over the world. It has the most number of skyscrapers in the world and is considered one of the most developed places with an enviable quality of life.

The great news is that Hong Kong is a year-round destination. October-December is a popular time, though, and peak season for tourism, since the weather is just right – sunny but dry and minimum rain. Spring months March and April in Hong Kong teems with visitors as well, attracted to the infectious festive energy and summer attractions of the city at this time, in breathable cotton and flip flops. Read to find out which time of the year coincides with the things you want to experience and mark off your checklist in Hong Kong. 

Holidaying in Hong Kong can be an absolute blast, owing to its curious mix of high octane urban life in the city center and quaint rural charm of the outskirts. The city boasts a wide variety of pastimes, from rich museums, parks, arcades, malls and to an incredible nightlife scene and trade fairs. The surrounding areas are some of the most beautiful in China, with long winding rivers, gorges, tabletop mountains and even tropical beaches. That said, your accessibility within an around the city depends on the time of year that you plan to visit Hong Kong. Here is a quick guide that will help you plan your itinerary so that you can make the best of your time in the Fragrant Harbour.

Weather in Hong Kong

Hong Kong enjoys the humid subtropical climate that is characteristic of Southern China. The temperature in a year can go as high as 36 degrees Celsius during summers and as low as -6 degrees Celsius during winters. Snowfall is rare in the city but is a regular occurrence in the mountainous parts. Each of the four broad seasons in Hong Kong comes with its own charm.

Spring (March-May)

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Spring in Hong Kong is considered to be the most pleasant and accommodating season. At this time you will find a comfortable average temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius, with light rain showers on some afternoons. It is a pleasure to explore the city on foot or bicycle around this time, and the atmosphere is at its agreeable best. Spring also coincides with the yearly tourist season in Hong Kong, and many of the region’s annual events and extravaganzas are scheduled to take place around this time. There is the Hong Kong International Film Festival that is graced by global celebrities every year. There is also the Flower Show that takes over the city in the month of March. Hong Kong celebrates the festival of the Sea Goddess Tin Hau on the 23rd of the month. The Ching Ming festival welcoming the arrival of Spring also takes place around this time. The month of May is important from a religious perspective here, as most monasteries celebrate the birthday of Buddha, which is also a national holiday. Many tourists and worshippers throng to the city around this time. All in all, Spring is a season of good times and festivity in Hong Kong. The only downside is that the surge of tourists leads to high prices for room and board around this time.

Summer (June-August)

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Summer in Hong Kong is characteristically hot and humid. Temperatures lie between 26 and 34 degrees Celsius but can also occasionally soar up to 38 degrees. The latter half of summer coincides with rainfall in the region, which makes it more humid. August is the wettest month in Hong Kong and brings with it heavy rainfall and typhoons. It might be difficult to get around and explore the city around this time due to the constant rain and humidity. But that doesn’t stop the amount of festivities that take place around here. Summer is the time for the much awaited Comic-Con, the famous Dragon Boat Festival, and the establishment anniversary of Hong Kong. August bring with it the annual food festival which is a must-do event for foodies.

Autumn (September-November)

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Hong Kong enjoys a lovely autumn with an ever present cool breeze and the perfect walking around weather. September sees the tail end of rainfall, which diminishes by the time October arrives, but there is a chance of occasional typhoons during this season. Temperatures remain in the mid twenties and humidity is on the lower side. This is the season to explore the countryside and discover all the colours of autumn. The three day long Wine and Dine festival is perfect to let your hair down and enjoy delightful food and drink around this time. The two day long Lan Kwai Fong carnival takes place in November and brings with it music and dance to the streets. Mid November also marks the beginning of celebrations leading towards New Year’s and is one of the busiest times in terms of visitors to the city.

Winter (December-February)

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Hong Kong winters are a delight to experience. The temperature in most of the region doesn’t go below 10 degrees Celsius, barring the high altitude regions that witness sub zero temperatures and slight snowfall. In most places though, the winters are mild, pleasant, colourful and lively. December is considered to be one of the best months to visit Hong Kong as it witnesses multiple events leading up to a New Year’s blast. The Chinese New Year falls in the month of January. Most shops and public places remain shut around this time, so it is good to check the date in advance. Other must-see events during this time are the Hong Kong Arts Festival that takes place in February, the Hong Kong Marathon in January and the extremely beautiful Spring Lantern Festival that takes place on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year. This is when the city and its skies fill up with colourful lanterns making it look like a magical place.

In a nutshell:

While spring and autumn remain the best seasons to visit Hong Kong, there is something for everyone throughout the year. With the bustling social calendar that Hong Kong boasts of, shortlist the specifics you would like to experience and plan your trip around it. To know more about the best value Hong Kong deals and for help in planning your itinerary, get in touch with TripFactory!

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