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12 Best Things To Do in Phuket

Some of Thailand’s most popular beaches are in Phuket, the largest island in Thailand and one of its most scenic destinations with awe-inspiring natural wonders. This beautiful place is surrounded by the emerald green waters of the Andaman Sea. There is never a dull moment in Phuket. The rainforested island boasts culturally significant attractions & world famous landmarks, a buzzing nightlife, a beautiful historical old town, markets, and great viewpoints. Go beach hopping among Karon, Patong and Kata, or get off the beaten path and explore remote stretches of sand in the north of Phuket. Phuket is also a good base for exploring the islands just around and must-see attractions, such as the world-famous Phang Nga Bay and the Phi Phi Islands. if you are adventurous enough to wade out into sea, an exquisite underwater world opens up to you. We have put together a curated list of the best ways to experience Phuket:

Top 12 Things to do in Phuket:

Kata Noi Beach

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The famous tropical beaches in Phuket are mostly located along the clear waters of the western shore. Located just a few minutes from Kata Beach, Kata Noi is a tiny cove that looks straight out of a fairy tale. The warm and heavenly aquamarine waters are perfect for a rejuvenating swim. Take in a spectacular view of Kata and Karon bays.

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Phang Nga Bay

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This just is a surreal experience. You may have seen Phang Nga Bay – featured multiple times in movies all over the world. Its distinctive feature is huge karsts jutting out of the emerald green waters. James Bond Island is a popular spot here, featured in beloved Bond movie Man With The Golden Gun, and Koh Panye – a remarkable village that is built on the surface of the water.

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Big Buddha 

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Standing tall at 45 meters, Big Buddha of Phuket watches over the island from top of the Nakkerd Hills. It is made up of white Burmese marble, and is one of the important and revered landmarks on the island. The statue is visible from anywhere in the southern part of Phuket. From here, you are treated to an exhilarating, panoramic view of the island and its surroundings apart from a chance to take a selfie with the Big Buddha himself.

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Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

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Spending a night out drinking is always fun, but it can also be fun to go directly to the source. Chalong Bay Rum Distillery is a premier manufacturer of white and dark rum. What’s unique about this place is that they invite visitors behind the scenes – a fun day out at their establishment. Take a look at what goes into making absolutely great tasting rum with the educational distillery tour, learn the nuances of the drink with a guided tasting and then enjoy some refreshments and cocktails at the in-house bar and restaurant at Chalong Bay.

Wat Chalong

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The grand pagoda of Wat Chalong is one of the most spiritual places to visit in all of Thailand. This ancient temple is said to be home to a splinter of a bone that belonged to Lord Buddha himself. Wat Chalong is also known for two iconic statues – one is Ta Khee-Lek (famous local gentleman who won a lot of lotteries) and the other is called Nonsi.

Phuket Town Weekend Night Market

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The Phuket Town Weekend Night Market is locally known as Naka Market. It is famous for a wide variety of goods, from clothes, handicrafts, curios, to a colourful selection of local produce. You will also many some delicious street food stalls over here. Most seasoned night market visitors prefer reaching here in the afternoons and then lazily spend the day window shopping when it isn’t so crowded.

Swimming with Elephants

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At Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, you get the chance to witness and interact with majestic elephants up close and personal. Located in the natural habitat of this amazing beast, the sanctuary conserves and cares for the elephant population on the island. Guess what? You also get to bathe them and take a dip with them!

Tiger Kingdom

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Just look at those cuties!
Ever wondered what it would be like to be in the presence of a tiger only a few inches from you? At Tiger Kingdom in Phuket, you can do just that. You can also go on ahead and pet them! Picture that. The Kingdom is a unique place that raises tiger cubs from birth to death – they are completely used to human presence unlike the tigers in the wild. This means you can play with these adorable big cats without having to fear for your life.

Simon Cabaret Show

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Thailand is famous for its cabaret shows, and Simon Cabaret Show is Phuket is one of the best that it has to offer. The show is a cross between a musical, a rock concert and a comedy show with an erotic twist. Beautiful ladyboys perform dances and entertainment routines to keep you enchanted and enticed through the evening.

Partying in Patong

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Bangla Road is the heart of all Phuket Nightlife. The island boasts a serious crowd of revellers, discos, ping pong bars, go-go bars, cabaret shows, vivid nightclubs with live bands and top international DJs – all the things Thailand’s party scene is appreciated for! Patong is the nightlife centre of Phuket – even though most parts of the island have their own party scene. Tourists make their way over to Bangla Road in Patong with its bright neon lights, biggest clubs, ‘bar beers’, loud music and party-lovers. The beach areas of Patong and Karon are dotted with the best nightlife options including lounges, places for sundowners, gay bars and cultural gigs. 

Phuket FantaSea Show

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The 140-acre Phuket FantaSea Show complex is a world in itself. It is filled with a wide range of entertainment activities, from shopping complexes, a theatre show, carnival village and a humongous restaurant which seats 4000 people at a time and serves delicious Thai and continental fare.

Enjoy a Spa-cation

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One of the things that Phuket is most known for is its wellness industry. From yoga centers, wellness retreats and spas, you will find a range of spiritual healing services just right for you. Whether you want to get in touch with your spiritual side or simply detox after a heavy night of partying, enjoy some me-time at one of Phuket’s many spas and wellness centers.

This is our list of some of the best things to do in Phuket.  To know more or for help with crafting your customized itinerary, get in touch with TripFactory!

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