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Best Places to Stay in Manali On Your Honeymoon

A honeymoon is perhaps one of the most special holidays to have in a lifetime. It is an important time since you get to lose yourself with your partner, let your hair down and make memories that you will cherish together for the rest of your life. Nestled in nature’s lap, Manali is the ideal honeymoon destination for many reasons. The cool mountain air, snowy peaks, dense cedar forests and a playful Beas river are all just the right ingredients for a romantic time out from the daily hustle and bustle of life.

When planning your honeymoon, perhaps the most important question has to be where to stay. The ideal honeymoon accommodation has to be the perfect combination of beauty, comfort and privacy. With that in mind, we present to you the best of three popular types of accommodations in Manali – boutique hotels, resorts and independent villas.
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Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are a great choice for your honeymoon. As opposed to large hotel chains, boutique hotels are unique home-like places with a special appeal. Typically they are old houses or mansions that have been converted into hotels, and therefore still carry a charm and rustic facade of their past. With superb attention to detail, wonderful amenities and a cozy, romantic ambiance, the boutique hotels on this list are bound to sweep you off your feet.

Hotel Rock Manali

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Located in the idyllic environs of river Beas, in the shade of some picturesque peaks around Manali, the impressive facade of Hotel Rock invites you in for a luxurious and enchanting experience. The best thing about Hotel Rock is the attention to detail when it comes to the tiniest of things – from the garden where a small stream is allowed to quietly flow, to the rooms, each of which has been tastefully designed and maintained by diligent staff. Hotel Rock is simply one of the best accommodations in the Manali region. With an in-house spa, wellness center, a fine dining restaurant and assistance for all kinds of activities in the region, Hotel Rock Manali will provide you with an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Hotel Honeymoon Inn

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Like the name suggests, this boutique property is all about love and romance. Situated on the banks of Beas river, with a view of dense deodar forests, Hotel Honeymoon Inn specializes in making your first outing together as a couple special and memorable. The hotel has honeymoon special rooms that include tasteful decor, flower arrangements and other awesome miscellaneous services. Apart from that the hotel boasts free wifi, a discotheque, billiards room and assistance with sightseeing in and around Manali.


Resorts are a great option for a honeymoon destination because of, well, the ample amount of space for the both of you – you can go for a romantic walk or a hike or even relax on a mountainside for hours knowing that you are never too far from a refreshing drink or a quick bite. Resorts offer you safe space to let your guard down and enjoy each other’s company.

Apple Country Resort

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As the name suggests, Apple Country Resort is built in the middle of a sloping apple orchard at the highest point of the Log Hut area, very close to the Hidimba Temple and Van Vihar. The resort prides on its selection of rooms including the honeymoon suite that is elegantly designed and decorated for the guests. The in-house spa provides patrons with massage treatments and sauna among other things to rejuvenate them. The resort also has its own discotheque – the Buzz.

Banon Resort

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Snowy mountain peaks, wood and stone cottages and a happily crackling fireplace – that is the perfect picture of a romantic evening in Manali. Banon Resort, a family run business that has been perfecting the craft of hospitality for the past 100 years, is just the place to be in to have this romantic experience. Set in a 2 acre landscape garden near Manali’s cedar forests, Banon Resort is well equipped with all the modern amenities you might require, while not skimping on the beauty and elegance of their facilities. For couples looking for great hospitality and privacy, this is the place.

Manu Allaya

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Manu Allaya prides itself on distilling the rich history of the Himalayas and fusing it with contemporary and stylish design. The resort features rooms, suites and cottages, plenty of open spaces and an array of dining options including the pretty incredible multi-cuisine restaurant Cafe Jardin. While the selection of rooms is extremely wide catering to all kinds of requirements, each room is designed using the local art forms, with delicate wooden carving and paintings that enchant your senses. The service at Manu Allaya is excellent and will make you want to come back for a second honeymoon.

Villas and Independent Rentals

Privacy is a big concern while thinking about places to stay during your honeymoon. It is for this reason that renting out a private villa can be the ultimate move for a great honeymoon. The villa will be your home away from home, and allow you the space to express yourself freely without a care in the world. Manali has a nice selection of beautiful villas, cottages and cabins with sprawling gardens, orchards and just all-around exotic wilderness. Pretty perfect for your honeymoon, wouldn’t you say?

Orchard Villa


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Located only half a kilometer away from Manali town, the cottages of Orchard Villa are an enticing blend of locally sourced materials, traditional architecture and modern design. As the name suggests, Orchard Villa is nestled in the midst of a lush apple orchard. The two and three BHK villas at Orchard Villa offer you and your partner complete privacy and peace of mind. With an in-house chef and caretakers always at your beck and call, and a bird’s eye view of the majestic Rohtang Pass right out of your bedroom window, Orchard Villa is the ideal romantic getaway.

Peace and Heaven Cottage

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The luxurious Peace and Heaven Cottages only 2 kilometers from the main market in Manali are a sight to behold. Done up in Swiss architectural style with local stone and pinewood, the cottages remind you of fairy-tale gingerbread houses. They are either 2 or 3 BHK, with attached bathrooms, a living room space and a fully stocked kitchen area. A chef to cook your meals is available on request. Psst. You can also ask for a private bonfire so that you can spend the night under the stars.

Whether it is a quaint boutique hotel, luxe resort or elegant villa, there are plenty of top notch honeymoon accommodation options in Manali for you and your soulmate. Get in touch with TripFactory for guidance and for help planning the perfect customized itinerary for your honeymoon in Manali!

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