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Best Places for Street Food in Bangkok

Gourmet cuisine and fine dining have its appeal, no doubt, but nothing can beat the raw punch that street food packs – especially in Thailand, where they have an absolutely irresistible allure. Affordable, delicious, exciting and ever present – street food is what hardcore foodies turn to when they have to satiate their appetite for authentic Thai local fare. Bangkok is widely recognized among food lovers from around the world. Experience a sensory overload at this foodie destination and culinary hotspot. Street vendors, hawker stalls are a dime a dozen, for an experience of local flavour. At the markets in some of the famous street food areas of Bangkok, you’ll find that the food variety is simply unmatched – from noodles, grilled banana, fried pork, dumplings, fish cakes, squid sewer, to cakes and cupcakes, it’s a feast like no other. Be sure to sample your favourite Thai street foods. Michelin starred cheap eats are found at many places in Bangkok as well.
Street food in Bangkok is famous because it just so moreish! Find a varied range of influences – from the Isan cuisine of central Thailand, the seafood of southern Thailand to various other Chinese and southeast Asian influences, street food in Bangkok is as diverse as it is delicious. In this article we will tell you about some of the most renowned areas you need to check out if you want to thoroughly immerse yourself in the street food paradise that is Bangkok. Go check out these street food sanctuaries in the city:

Experience the ultimate food tour in Bangkok.

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Victory Monument

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Victory Monument is one of Bangkok’s main transport centers – the giant roundabout isn’t exactly picturesque as it witnesses a crazy amount of traffic, since it is a part of most major bus routes in the city. The result is that Victory Monument has attracted some of the best street food joints to set up shop in the vicinity. Surrounding the roundabout and in the adjacent sois or lanes, you will come across the most delectable selection of street food, fresh fruit juices and dry fruits. Perhaps the most famous in the area is Boat Noodle Alley, where you can comfortably scarf down bowls of delicious noodle soup and the signature pink tofu noodles.

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The Chinatown area of Bangkok is also known as Yaowarat. One of the oldest parts of the city, it is a mixed bag of identities – age old trading post, flea market, red light area and one of the best street food hubs in Bangkok. At Yaowarat you just need to follow your nose and take chances to find amazing food. For dirt cheap prices you will find everything from dumplings, rice cakes, noodle rolls and curries that will put a wide smile on your face.

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The district of Banglamphu is located close to the Chao Phraya river bank and is one of the old areas in the city. Here you will find some of the classic street food masters setting their shops and serving local traditional fare. Look out for the traditional Thai snack kanom buang – rice crepes that remind you of tacos – filled with either sweet coconut cream and shredded coconut or savoury scallions and fried egg strips. If you’re not drooling already, you obviously have yet to discover just how perfect this indulgence is.

Silom Road

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The central business district of Bangkok is home to many a weary worker. It is no wonder that the area is marked by delicious and affordable food carts, restaurants and roadside stalls to satisfy the cravings of the massive crowd that works here. You will have to navigate through a bunch of soi or lanes with your nose as a guide. We recommend Soi 20 – about a kilometer south of the main part of Silom. Go here for an early morning breakfast of grilled pork skewers, Thai curries and rice and khao neow dam sang kaya or black sticky rice with custard.  

Sam Yan

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Sam Yan is located right next to the Chulalongkorn University, and is an evening and late night food haunt for most of the university students, making it a sort of an official student food court. The result is cheap, wholesome and delectable food that you can spend hours exploring. Come here for pad thai, curries and all kinds of meat grilled, deep fried, stir fried and baked.

Wang Lang Market

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Another food lover’s spot close to Chao Phraya river, adjacent to the Siriraj Hospital is the Wang Lang Market. While primarily a clothes market, this place has achieved somewhat a cult status in terms of food, especially for people with a sweet tooth. Here you will find a wide variety of Thai traditional sweetmeats, cream puffs, fresh fruit juices and smoothies among other street food staples. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the legendary Wang Lang Bakery and sample their famous breads stuffed with raisin, pork floss, pandan, chocolate and buttercream.

Sukhumvit 38

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Sukhumvit 38 is a tiny street pocket located in the expensive Thong Lo district of Bangkok. Mostly frequented by tourists and expats, the prices here might be slightly steeper than the rest of the city, but the food is as good. Come here for a selection of barbecued teriyaki pork with sticky rice and khao kluk kapi.

Soi Rangnam

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We will end this list with another spot close to the Victory Monument – Rangnam. This trendy fashion hub is home to some gourmet restaurants of the city. But as the sun sets over Bangkok, Rangnam witnesses some of the best street food vendors set up shop on its streets. Visit Kuang Seafood for absolutely flavorful Thai seafood. Here you will also find other Thai specialties like rib noodles and dancing shrimp. There is an amazing food stall here that sets up during the evenings and serves delicious and authentic Isan cuisine food.

This is our list of some of the best street food spots in Bangkok. There are also some incredible Thai food restaurants and shophouses for a more elevated dining scene. Whether you wish to savour a tasty street vendor special, enjoy a fresh papaya salad, or sit down to a five star meal, Bangkok restaurants offer a wide variety of local Thai food as well as international fare. Who says you can’t have it all?
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