The Best Beaches of Andaman

The Andaman Islands are among the most beautiful places in the world to visit. Naturally, thousands of tourists and passionate travellers make their way to the enchanting islands every year. There are many exotic beaches here blessed with coral reefs, lush greenery and exquisite marine life. The landscape is so magnificent, it makes for the perfect beach holiday away from the chaotic hustle of city life. The famous beaches that grace the Andaman coastline are undoubtedly some of the most breath-taking in the entire world — ideal for some quality time with friends and family! It turns out the sunny skies, pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters are a perfect backdrop for your honeymoon. The islands are also are fast becoming the leading destination of choice for adventure sport enthusiasts in South Asia. Water sports in Andaman is the most exciting activity for every water baby. And that is precisely why if you are planning a holiday getaway to the Andaman islands, you will most certainly want to make time to visit one or many of the beaches the area is so very famous for. If you are just are not quite sure where to head to first, we have taken the guesswork out of planning and have comprised a substantial list of the top rated beaches in Andaman!

In Havelock Island:

Elephant Beach 

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Elephant Beach is one of the most sought after and heavily touristed beaches among both local area residents and visitors alike. Snorkelling, swimming and scuba diving are the main attractions for tourists visiting Elephant Beach – the place has a number of diving and snorkelling centres. To get to the beach, you can either opt to take a lovely hike through the beautiful jungle habitat or you can take a super quick boat ride as well. The beach is absolutely stunning, boasting a pristine coastline and the crystal clear aqua waters of the ocean. You must go snorkeling, where you can enjoy the local marine wildlife and even the expansive and colorful coral reef! Sea walking in Andaman is a new tourist attraction, one whose level of popularity has been steadily on the rise. The Underwater Sea Walk is one of the most unique attractions that one must experience when visiting Elephant Beach. It is a true once-in-a-life time experience for all the non-divers out there. Enjoy a secure and exciting underwater walk on the sea bed (about 6-7m depth), and witness directly the magnificent marine life of the islands, the wonderful fauna, corals, and a wide range of fish, all in their natural home. Quite like an underwater tour inside the reef, the sea walk has you walking between corals, seeing a variety of fish, and discovering the rich sea life underwater in the crystal clear blue waters of the lagoon.

Vijaynagar Beach 

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Commonly referred to simply as “Beach #5”, the Andaman beach of Vijaynagar is one of the most pristine and easy to enjoy beaches in all of Andaman. At Vijaynagar Beach, you will be able to take in all of the surfing, swimming, and relaxation that you can want, thanks to the powdery white sands and the clear, shallow waters you find here. The area is also home to many locations where you can dine, shop and explore the local area with ease and full on capability. There is most certainly no shortage of things to do, see and experience at Vijaynagar beach located on Havelock island.

Kalapathar Beach

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Kalapathar beach is a silvery beach with black rocks lining the coastline. This is where you get to cook your own food, and celebrate your day with drinks and music, by the sea. If you are seeking a quiet and relaxed spot surrounded by stunning views and the smell of the salty azure sea — Kalapathar Beach is going to be the prime location for your needs. Kalapathar is one of the more desolate beaches of the region and is significantly less populated than the other local area beaches.

Radhanagar Beach

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Radhanagar Beach, aka the best beach in Asia (Time magazine, 2004) is a must-visit place for exquisite views of coral reefs. The beach is a great place to spend the day lounging by the sea – super clean, and with crystal clear and incredibly calm waters. Tall trees line the beach, so you can be sure to find a nice, quiet spot in the shade and life guards available on-site. There are changing areas and restrooms for your convenience. While there is a market located very close by, there really are not a ton of dining options, so if you are planning to spend the day at Radhanagar beach, you should plan ahead and bring items to keep you satiated throughout the day.

In Port Blair:

Corbyn’s Cove 

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Experience the stunning beauty of Andaman at Corbyn’s Cove, one of the more busy beaches in the Andaman Islands. Corbyn’s Cove Beach is the most accessible beach from Port Blair – just right for picnics and excursions with the most gorgeous views! Corbyns Cove Beach is ideal for swimming, sun-basking & bathing and jet ski rides. The beach is incredibly clean and beautiful. At Corbyn’s Cove, immerse yourself in water sports adventures such as surfing and scuba diving, or take the edge off with a leisurely long stroll. There are also a ton of locations where you can find a more secluded spot, if you are not a fan of large crowds.  There various places to enjoy local cuisine.

Wandoor Beach 

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Wandoor beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Andaman islands; and with very good reason! There is always something fun and exciting to be done on Wandoor Beach. Whether you are seeking to mingle with the locals, go surfing or scuba diving, or just splash around in the water with your kids and see colorful coral reefs, Wandoor beach is the perfect beach to head over to! The area is absolutely stunning and you even find yourself met with the opportunity to take a short hike and see some of the region’s incredible natural caves.

In Neil Island:

Spot lovely corals and beautifully patterned fishes such as blue spotted sting rays, yellow snappers, angelfish and soldierfish in the beaches of exquisite Neil Island.

Bharatpur Beach 

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Neil Island is home to one of the most spectacular beaches in the region – Bharatpur! Lined with a stunning white sandy coast and some of the most pure, crystal clear ocean waters in the world, Bharatpur beach is most certainly a beach you will want to plan on spending an afternoon at! Bharatpur beach is a wonderful location to find yourself in the prime location to relax on the beach, go for a long walk, or even book a ride on one of the area’s bottomless glass boat rides where you can hit the sea and take in the opportunity to ge up close and personal with some of the region’s most incredible and beautiful ocean wildlife!

Laxmanpur Beach

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Laxmanpur Beach is famous for its magnificent sunrise and sunset views. The beach itself is perfectly pristine and is surrounded by unmatched views in the region. There are also some wonderful opportunities to stroll the beach to scour for coral fossils which make for some great souvenirs to bring back home with you! Access to the beach is very easy and there are various shops in the area. This is a wonderful area to spend your day at, as there is most certainly no shortage of things to do and see.

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