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9 Best Beaches in Pattaya

Sun, sand and surf come in ample supply at the resort city of Pattaya in Thailand. Pattaya is a vibrant coastal city and popular holiday destination. Beach bums and water sports enthusiasts take to the waters all day long at Pattaya’s famous beaches – brimming with life from dawn to dusk. Come night-time, and you’ll find that the action shifts to the streets. While it is true that some of the best-known beaches among tourists can get quite crowded, especially on weekends, Pattaya is also home to beautiful hidden away beaches that have a quieter and more laid-back atmosphere. Take the time to go beach hopping when in Pattaya.
Located only a hundred kilometers from Bangkok, Pattaya and places in its immediate vicinity are blessed with sublime tropical beauty. The true essence of Pattaya is found outside its famous nightlife. Dotted generously with some of the prettiest beaches in the country. Spanning the Eastern coast of Thailand, each beach gives you a starkly different vibe – the high octane party beach, the family day out beach, the otherworldly romantic beach and the serene, far-from-the-madding-crowds sandy spots.
Here, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite beaches in and around Pattaya for every mood. Take your pick and prepare for the most blissful holiday:

Pattaya Beach

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Pattaya Beach is where the party happens every night. This 4 kilometer-long crescent shaped stretch of golden sand is the prime pick of everyone from families looking for a fun day out on the beach, adventure seekers looking for fun water sports, and merry party-goers alike. During the day you will find activities like parasailing, banana boating and jet skiing on the waterfront. The beach is also lined with shacks that offer delicious refreshments and cold beer to complete your experience of the tropics here.

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Jomtien Beach

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If you are looking for something a more subdued and less mainstream than Pattaya Beach, Jomtien is your answer. Located just 2 kilometers from Pattaya Beach, Jomtien is smaller, cozier and has a far more relaxing vibe. The swells here are beautiful and great for surfing and kite-boarding. Otherwise there is always the option of sunbathing on the golden sand with the sound of gentle waves in your ears.

Wong Amat Beach

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Another beach very close to Pattaya Beach is Wong Amat. This is the perfect family day out destination – it is clean, relaxed and has a lot of space for you to make the most of a picnic. This is also a relatively quieter venue. There are also a handful of sea-facing restaurants that offer delicious Thai seafood to quench your appetite after your long and relaxing swim in the warm, pristine waters.  

Naklua Beach

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Naklua Beach is primarily a fishing beach away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Look on as hardworking fishermen go up and down the sea bringing fresh catch along. A few beach shacks offer sundecks and refreshments. Indulge in a fun game of beach volleyball and treat yourself to an authentic Thai massage.

Bang Saen Beach

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The sleepy coastal village of Bang Saen is home to a big university, which means that you will mostly find student crowd on the weekdays. By the end of the week, however, the beach transforms into a major party destination due to its close proximity to Bangkok. It is considered one of the cheaper beaches in Pattaya, which makes it a favourite with locals and travellers alike. Another reason to visit is the delicious and rich seafood that you get here. You must try the stuff from delicious food carts and stalls on Walking Street on a Friday night.

Koh Larn Beach

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If you are looking to spend some romantic quality time with your partner in Pattaya, Koh Larn is your answer. Accessible by a fifteen-minute ferry ride out into the ocean, Koh Larn island and the beach that surrounds it is something out of a picture book. At Coral Island, you’ll find that you can participate in several fun activities, including snorkelling, parasailing, sea walking and jet skiing. Coral Island, (aka Koh Larn) is a picture-postcard island off the coast of Pattaya. This popular day-trip destination is for underwater diving in the surrounding coral, glass-bottom boat tours and beachfront relaxing at one of several beaches on the island. Lush white sands, clear sparkling water and emerald green mangroves are the perfect backdrop for a romantic holiday. It is also one of the more secluded beaches in Pattaya.

Dongtan Beach

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Located north of Jomtien Beach, Dongtan is a 1.5 kilometer stretch of golden sand lined with lush palm trees. This quiet and not too crowded beach is also water-sport friendly and has a nice selection of beach shacks. It also has a special section reserved for the LGBTQ community.

Bang Saray Beach

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Bang Saray is a quiet Thai beach town known for its fishing and quaint village life. If you are a snorkeling or diving enthusiast, this is the beach for you. Here you will find great diving spots, with a view of diverse fish species and corals. If you are lucky you might also spot a whale shark. There is also a World War II era underwater shipwreck that is a delight to explore.

The beaches on the list promise you an excellent tropical getaway in Thailand. Are you tempted to embark on a beach-hopping spree in Pattaya?  Get in touch with TripFactory to plan the perfect customized beach vacation in Pattaya!

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