Bali Shopping Guide: Best Markets in Bali for Shopping

The beautiful island of Bali is known for many things; It has some of the world’s best surf breaks. It is also endowed with a massive diversity of marine life and is a diver’s paradise. Not to mention the two great active volcanoes that fume in the middle of the island. But Bali is soon becoming one of the premier shopping destinations in the world. On one hand, luxury brands are eyeing the up and coming malls to plant their flag within the Balinese marketplace ecosystem, while on the other hand, the traditional local markets of Bali are going through a new renaissance. In Bali you will find everything from beachwear to fashion boutiques to handicrafts, silverware among other things. Even the kinds of markets in Bali are amazing – while some bring luxury brands like Armani and Versace right at the beach, others stay open all night long. Here is a list of some of the best shopping spots in Bali to satiate all your shopping needs.

Ubud Art Market

Located opposite the Puri Saren Royal Palace, the Ubud Art Market is a Balinese institution in itself. The city of Ubud is known across Indonesia as a cultural and artistic hotspot, and the art market is the bustling center of that activity. The skilled artists from the neighbouring villages of Pengosekan, Tegallalang, Payangan and Peliatan make handmade goods and products like scarves, sarongs, batik shirts, handbags, baskets, hats, statues, trinkets and other accessories among so many other things.

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The Ubud Art Market was showcased in the film Eat, Pray, Love in which the character played by Julia Roberts frequents the market when she reaches Bali on a journey towards self discovery. As with most other local markets in Bali, bargaining is essential to get a good price for your purchase.

Kuta Beachwalk

Imagine experiencing a mall in the middle of a beach. Part of the Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort, the Kuta Beachwalk is a collection of more than 200 luxury retail units located on a sublime beachfront property. The beachwalk began in 2012, and today this 3.7 hectare strip located only 250 meters away from the sea hosts a plethora of brands that define indulgence – like Armani Jeans, Boss Sports, Furla, Tommy Hilfiger and Versace.

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You can end your shopping spree with a relaxing dinner in one of the many food courts and restaurants within the mall. Some options include Coconut Joe’s, Buffalo Wings and Rings and Johnny Rockets.

Tegallalang Handicraft Village

The region of Tegallalang is famous around the world for its scenic rice terraces built using the historic Subak irrigation system. Every year, tens of thousands of travellers come here to marvel at the beauty and serenity of traditional Balinese village life. What they also find is the ingenuity and allure of the local craftsmanship that is exhibited in the Tegallalang Handicrafts Village.

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Located only a few kilometers north of the cultural city of Ubud, the route to Tegallalang might perhaps be the longest row of art shops in the world. Here you can find everything from jewellery like bracelets, rings and necklaces, wooden and bamboo furniture, accessories for your home and other curious handmade using material like bamboo, wood, stone, mother of pearl, sea shells, beads and resin.

Sanur Night Market

Referred to locally as the Pasar Tradisional Desa Sanur, the Sanur Night Market is located near the northern end of Sanur’s Jalan Danau Tamblingan road. Every evening around 6 pm, the market heralds its presence with the scent of fresh food wafting into the nearby streets. There are around 150 stands neatly lined in its grid-like lanes, offering everything from fresh fruits, vegetables to different types of assorted and exotic spices. Around the central kiosks, you may find shops selling utility items and kitchenware.

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The Sanur Night Market is a real treat for a food aficionado. A plethora of food carts roll into the premises as the sun sets, offering mouth watering local delicacies like nasi campur, nasi goreng, lamb satays and bakso. Desserts like black rice pudding and other sweetmeats are also on sale, along with fresh fruit juices and local chillers.

Garlic Lane

The Garlic Lane shopping street in Legian, Bali is named after a restaurant of the same name on Jalan Sahadewa – one of the hole-in-the-wall streets off of Legian’s main roads. Here you will find a stretch of road lined with shops selling everything from handicrafts, art objects, DVDs, fashion boutiques, wood carvings among other things.

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The Garlic Lane is a much more affordable option to do your Bali shopping as compared to the more mainstream shopping complexes in Kuta due to its tucked away nature. As always, bargaining is a must if you want to find a good price for your purchase.

Celuk Village

Located approximately 4 kilometer southwest of the Sukawati district, the Celuk village is the traditional Balinese hotspot for goldsmiths and silversmiths. The craftsmen from Celuk are known all over Indonesia for their intricately detailed handiwork and industriousness in bringing the precious metals of gold and silver alive.

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Perhaps the best part about the Celuk village is that the warm and welcoming artisans open up their studios and workshops for the visitors, which means that you can get an up close and personal look at the processes with which they hone their craft, before making a purchase.

These are some of the marketplaces in Bali where you can find unique memorabilia of your travels. To know more about Bali and for assistance in planning your trip, get in touch with TripFactory and book your Bali holiday package @INR 39,999/- now!

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