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things to buy in singapore

6 Best Things to Buy in Singapore

Singapore is a stunning island that is situated just off the coast of southern Malaysia. Boasting a friendly multicultural population, endless shopping and sightseeing opportunities and a comfortable tropical climate, it is certainly of no great wonder why Singapore is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. If you are planning to travel […]

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bali nightlife featured

Bali Nightlife Guide – Things to do at Night in Bali

Nights are always special in Bali. The balmy breeze carries with it the scent of the sea, and there is always a party to go to somewhere. In this article, we will look at things to do at night in Bali, whether it is letting loose on the dance floor or by a bonfire on […]

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pura ulun danu bratan temple in Bali, indonesia.

Best Time to Visit Bali: Weather, Seasons and Festivals in Bali

The magical island province of Bali is a unique mix of sandy (white and black) beaches, active volcanoes, multi-chrome rain forests and stunning landscapes. It is exceptionally well endowed in terms of natural resources. For example, Bali has the privilege of being in the Coral Triangle – an area with the highest marine biodiversity in […]

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bali honeymoon featured

Bali Honeymoon Guide: Places to Visit and Things to Do in Bali

Welcome to the ‘Island of the Gods’! The moniker doesn’t just refer to the Hindu deities revered by the Balinese people; it is equally inspired by the incredible natural beauty and geographical wonders of the island. The tiny island of Bali is magical and fast becoming the hottest travel destination in the world. If you’re […]

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Bali Visa for Indians

Bali (Indonesia) Visa Guide for Indians: Visa Types, How to Apply

For Indians who are planning a visit to Bali for business or pleasure (or both), there are most certainly some things that you may want to consider when it comes down to applying for a Bali visa. While the rules and regulations for obtaining a visa for travelling to Bali have been eased up pretty significantly […]

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bali featured image3

8 Thrilling Adventure and Water Sports in Bali

Welcome to the ‘Island of the Gods‘! The Indonesian island of Bali is often considered to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. The tiny island is separated from mainland Indonesia by the 3.2 kilometre wide Bali Strait. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean in the south and the Bali sea in […]

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