10 Best Things to Buy in Dubai

If you are planning a trip to Dubai, whether for business or pleasure, you are more than likely going to find yourself bringing home souvenirs for friends, family, and even yourself! When you arrive in Dubai, you may feel a bit overwhelmed as to the limitless shopping options  that are available in the city. Be sure to not let that deter you! Here, we have comprised a comprehensive list of the top 10 things to buy in Dubai for everyone on your souvenir shopping list. (Also read: Best Shopping Malls in Dubai)

Camel Milk Chocolates


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Dubai is famous for its chocolates, and one kind in particular is highly regarded in Dubai for a very special reason. Camel milk is a delicacy in the region of Dubai, which is precisely what makes camel milk chocolate so delicious. What makes it a luxury is the fact that it is only made by one place, the Al Nassma company. Camel milk chocolate products are exclusively made in Dubai but are capable of being exported to Asian and European countries. The chocolates are available in five different options: spiced (with Arabian spices), whole milk, dates, 70% cocoa, and macadamia. They even have them available in camel shapes which make for perfect little gifts to bring back home. Also read: The Best Street Food to try in Dubai.

Best places to buy: Any of the Al Nassma kiosks, duty-free shops and the “Camelicious” camel farm

Price range: AED 44 – 165 (INR 700 – 3000)

Frankincense and Myrrh

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Gaining fame from their Biblical legacy, frankincense and myrrh are legendary products that come highly rated in Dubai. They can be found pretty much anywhere you look, smell incredible, and are of some of highest quality and purity in the world. It is believed that Frankincense has been traded throughout North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula for over 5,000 years. It is most commonly utilized as an incense and an essential oil and has been known to treat depression and combat the growth of cancer cells. Myrrh, is known to boast anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits as well as lowering bad cholesterol numbers and increasing good ones. Both spices have strong scents and can be incorporated into your life in many highly beneficial ways.

Best places to buy: The Spice Souk

Price range: Starting AED 75 for 30 ml (INR 1300)

Gold Items

Gold costs significantly less in Dubai than it does in the vast majority of other large cities expanding the globe, which is particularly why it is referred to as the “City of Gold”.  And that is precisely why if you are in the market for picking up a nice souvenir for the special person in your life, picking up a beatiful gold item can be just the thing that you may want to consider shopping for.

Best places to buy: The Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai Gold Souk

Price range: AED 150 (INR 2600) per gram of 24 carat gold

Purses and Handbags

Just as gold items are a hot commodity in Dubai because of the quality and price, you can equally find incredibly luxurious, name brand purses and handbags at incredibly low prices. Whether you are looking for a designer in particular or just seeking to browse and bring back a gorgeous new bag for yourself or a loved one, you can be sure to track one down at one of the malls or outlet stores. (Also read: Restaurants near Dubai Mall in Dubai).

Best places to buy: Any of the shopping malls or outlet stores 

Price range: Varies depending on product

Dubai Dates

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Dates play a vital role in terms of Middle Eastern prominence and culture, particularly during Ramadan when they are gifted and then eaten at the end of the fasting period. Dates have a number of excellent health benefits and are a great source of iron, fiber, calcium, magnesium and potassium, among other essential vitamins and minerals. Fresh, gourmet dates make great gifts and they can be found in Bateel shops throughout Dubai. There are more than 20 different varieties, but some of the most popular are Kholas, Khidri, Madjool and Sokari. Dates are super easy to transport, incredibly inexpensive and make a wonderful gift for anyone on your list! (Also read: 10 Best Museums in Dubai)

Best places to buy: Bateel outlets, Deira Food Market

Price range: AED 60 – 150 (INR 1000 – 3000) per kilo

Shisha Kits

Dubai is world renowned for its Hookah and Shisha lounges and bars. Even if you have never tried a hookah or shisha, you may want to give it a try for the experience alone! Shisha kits are great to opt to purchase because not only are they useful for those who prefer flavored tobacco, but they are also very cool looking and are a great conversation starter when you bring one back home from your trip! Also check: Best Nightclubs and Dance Bars in Dubai

Best places to buy: Dubai souks, Carrefour Hypermarket, or Smokers’ Centre outlets

Price range: AED 50 – 200 (INR 1000 – 3500)

Carpets and Rugs

If you have ever considered investing in a Persian carpet or rug, you will definitely want to take advantage of the opportunity to do so when you are in Dubai. The quality and pricing options that are available are truly astounding and you can even have the quality checked and confirmed for authenticity if you are decide to buy one. There are a ton of great-quality, and very affordable carpets and rugs that are available at many of the Dubai souks. However, if you are seeking a more high end one, be sure to plan a visit to the Persian Carpet House or the National Iranian Carpets store. Best of all, if you do not like any that they have on hand, you can always opt to have one specially made for you. You should plan accordingly how you are going to get the rug or carpet back home with you, however, because packing these is a bit more difficult than the other items on this list, and shipping it back home can prove quite costly as well.

Best places to buy: Soug al Bahar Bur Dubai Souk, the National Iranian Carpets, or the Persian Carpet House

Price range: Starting from AED 800 (INR 17k)


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Even if you are not planning on any particular item to invest in technology-wise, you may want to keep an eye out for the latest phone, laptop, or even gaming console when you are planning your trip to Dubai. The prices for the hottest new electronics in Dubai are more often than not upwards of half the cost that they would cost you elsewhere in the world. Many people are even making their electronic purchases online from stores in Dubai and just having the items shipped directly to their doorsteps. Hit one of the local Dubai malls and you will certainly be in for a surprise with regards to your options and pricing for some of the top electronics that so many people are wanting to get their hands on!

Best places to buy: Any of the malls in Dubai

Price range: Varies Depending on Product


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Authentic pashmina shawls are incredibly expensive because they are made up of cashmere that has been produced from South Asian goat hair. More often than not, the cashmere is then blended with about 30% silk in order to craft an incredibly smooth, soft fabric that is perfect for any woman in your life. You can find out if a pashmina is authentic by pulling the entire shawl through a ring, if it passes through with ease, it is real. If it does not, the pashmina is made of viscose. Both viscose and silk pashmina options are often equally as lovely, just not as expensive.  

Best places to buy: Any of the malls or souks

Price range: Starting from AED 30 (INR 500) for a viscose pashmina and above AED 200 (INR 3500) for an authentic one

Arabic Perfumes

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Dubai is quite famous for its perfumes, the most popular option being Attar, which is formulated from the essential oils of plant-based sources. These perfumes are alcohol free and are commonly used by males and females throughout Dubai. You can buy attars throughout the city, however you may want to plan a visit to Perfume Souk in Deira as they can can recommend the best attar for your personal needs. And, you can even opt to combine various mixtures and have the seller make your very own unique combination attar.

Best Places to Buy: Perfume stores at the airport and malls, Perfume Souk

Price Range: Starting from AED 30 (INR 500)

Shopping in Dubai is an experience enjoyed by everyone, including families, revellers and honeymooners. There are so many incredible and unique things that you may want to consider buying when you head to Dubai. Use this list as a general guide and you can be sure to find the perfect souvenirs for both yourself and everyone on your list back at home!

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