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The 10 Best Places to Visit in Singapore

Whether you’re a culture and history buff, nature lover, adventure seeker or simply a lover of good times, Singapore has a wide selection of leisure options and fun tourist attractions for a memorable holiday with family and friends. All of the best things to see and do in Singapore are within easy reach. Singapore is a curious tale of a once sleepy fishing village that defied all odds to transform itself into the first-world metropolis it is today. The city of contrasts may be the most expensive city in the world, but it is also home to plenty of exciting sights to see, eclectic and unique budget shops, incredible street food, beaches, and dozens of free parks. Choosing the best places to visit in the Garden City of Singapore is no easy feat as the city has a vast number of impressive sights to see, exciting activities and day trips for all the family.

One of the most highly anticipated travel destinations in the world, Singapore shows you stunning natural beauty, great shopping opportunities, a colorful nightlife and perfect weather throughout the year. The hip city has much in store for those who seek to visit, and if you are considering planning your own trip to Singapore, here are some of the top places that you must consider adding to your personalized travel itinerary!

Universal Studios

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The allure of Universal Studios is one of its kind anyway and Southeast Asia’s first and only Universal Studios theme park – featuring a whopping 24 rides, shows and attractions in seven themed zones – is right in Singapore! You and the whole gang can anticipate a memorable day of giddy, adrenaline-pinching fun in the cutting edge and high energy environment. Some of the famous themed zones include the Lost World, Ancient Egypt, New York, Hollywood, Madagascar and Far Far Away (Shrek, yes) – all based on your favourite blockbuster films and television series. If you are looking for a real thrill, get on a rollercoaster ride that’ll literally keep you on the edge of your seat! Two are water themed rides and there are five thrilling roller coasters, of which two are currently the world’s tallest ‘dueling’ roller coasters. Be dazzled and delighted by an immersive entertainment experience that brings the silver screen to life.

Merlion Park

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Merlion Park is one of the most popular places to explore and take some great photos at. Here, you will find the iconic merlion statue, which is literally a statue of a half lion, half fish and is what the park is named after. If you are planning a visit to Merlion Park, you may want to try to head there in the evening (though the scenery during the day time hours are breathtaking as well) when the entire vicinity lights up. The venue truly comes to life at night – Merlion Park is famous for its stunning laser and water show that will leave you breathless and awe-inspired. The area is also the prime location to take a leisurely stroll before heading off to dinner or the nearest club. If you are unfamiliar with Singapore, Merlion Park is most certainly a great, central location to find yourself because regardless of what it is that you are looking to do that evening, you can be sure to find it in close vicinity to Merlion Park!

The Singapore Flyer

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The Singapore Flyer is an adventure to add to your list of things to do in Singapore. Whether you are seeking to just hop aboard and enjoy the sights of the city during the day or planning the perfect, romantic date night, you are bound to make an unforgettable memory on the Singapore Flyer. The Singapore Flyer provides you stunning, panoramic views of the city and famous Marina Bay, and they also offer unbeatable package deals – these include a trip on the Flyer and a delicious four-course dinner. You will even be able to walk around the area facilities for all the shopping and awesome activities that you can want in one area!

The Singapore Zoo

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Whether you are on your honeymoon or bringing the entire family, you will most certainly want to plan a day to check out the Singapore Zoo! The Singapore Zoo has a ton to offer those who visit, with opportunities to have breakfast with the orangutans, to seeing diverse species of wildlife that call The Singapore Zoo their home. There is even a kid’s activity center that allows you to get up close and personal with animals and also offers a ton of opportunities for hands-on activities as well.

Clarke Quay

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Nighttime is your cue to make your way over to Clarke Quay along Singapore River dressed to the nines! Be sure to take a leisurely evening stroll along Clarke Quay – this historical riverside quay has an electric party atmosphere. Dotted all around with some of the city’s most picturesque restaurants, bars, and fun entertainment venues where you can practice your singing with some karaoke, Clarke Quay is unmissable when in Singapore. Take in the stunning sights and sounds of the water, incredible views of the starry sky above, and drop by at any of a number of the top notch restaurants.

National Museum of Singapore

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The oldest museum in Singapore is also one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. The National Museum traces its history to the early years of Singapore’s colonial era. At the museum, explore classic architecture at different turns, and watch for a modern update – with a charming twist of elegance and craftsmanship. The museum itself is packed with all the history you can possibly take in and there are always events that are sure to captivate the minds of all who visit. You may even want to plan a late afternoon visit to the museum so that you can also take in the night show festival as well.

Gardens by the Bay

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Gardens by the Bay is easily one of the most commonly sought after areas to explore in all of Singapore. While Gardens by the Bay has plenty to offer visitors in terms of fine dining and unmatched shopping opportunities, it is the rooftop gardens that are a thing of true beauty and wonder. With exotic plants from around the world, an incredible bounty of stunning lights and breathtaking 360 degree views of the entire city, you are surely going to want to make some time to explore the rooftop Gardens by the Bay when you head to Singapore.

Sentosa Island

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The man-made island and recreational hub of Sentosa is located just off the coast of Singapore. With an active nightlife, world-famous amusement and theme parks, a host of dining and entertainment venues and tons of opportunities to indulgently shop, it is no wonder why so many tourists throng Sentosa in masses each and every year. Besides, if you are seeking to get out of the main city and find some more relaxing and secluded areas, you should most definitely plan an afternoon (or longer) over to Sentosa Island. Sentosa Island is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and a lot of them can be found off the beaten path so that you can be sure to be clear of the more tourist packed beaches of the region. With a step-by-step guide on how to best explore Sentosa Island, get ready for many exciting possibilities at Sentosa!

River Safari

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The River Safari tour is a zoo and aquarium and is also the deepest river-themed tour in the region. It is conveniently close to the Singapore Zoo which makes it a perfect full day of animal adventure fun for the entire family. The River Safari allows you the opportunity to take a leisurely boat ride throughout the park where you can see everything from pink flamingos to giant pandas, and you can also check out the biggest freshwater aquarium in the world. The River Safari is literally fun for the entire family and you will most certainly want to take advantage of the adventure!

Science Center of Singapore

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The Science Center of Singapore is one that is sure to brighten your trip to Singapore. There is certainly no shortage of hands-on things to do and learn at the Science Center, in fact there are more than 1,000 current exhibits and 12 different galleries that are based upon engineering, science, math and technology! 

No matter where you may find yourself in Singapore on your next trip there, you will be sure to find yourself immersed in culture, beauty and adventure. If you are seeking to plan the perfect vacation or honeymoon, you will definitely want to put Singapore first on your list for a truly unforgettable experience that is packed full of amazing memories that you will never forget!

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